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Here you can find all the information about Bubble Football

Bubble Football (also called Bubble Soccer) is a particular variation of the classic soccer. You can play on a five-a-side football pitch, but with specific rules to maximize fun in a completely safe environment.

Players wear an inflated Bubble ball which covers their upper body and head. This allow the players to crush each other without any risk.

Our staff will introduce Bubble Soccer game to the participants explaining few basic rules to enjoy the match. Everyone is able to enjoy this fun game, no matter who you are, Bubble Soccer fits well to all age groups, skill levels, athletes or non-athletic members.

During the activity will be possible to try many variations of the game, like Bubble Sumo, Bubble Bowling and much more.


Usually ten people.

A classic Bubble Football (or Zorb Soccer) match is played between two 5-players teams.
In case of group of more than 10 people, substitution will be allowed during the game at any time, thanks to the support of our staff.

Groups with less than 10 people can also play but we suggest a minimum of 6 players.

Bubble Football is a very fun and safety game, suitable for both adult, children and teenagers, boys and girls. We suggest a minimum height of 120cm.

Wearing the Bumper balls, player’s upper body and head is completely protected from any crash and fall.

Furthermore our staff will assist the participants explaining few basic rules to enjoy the match in total safety.

1 hour play costs 180€ (suggested up to 15 people).

2 hours play costs 320€ (suggested over 15 people).


The price includes 10 bumper balls rental, soccer field rental, staff support/referee, shower and locker room.

*only available at our Sport Centers

Bubble Football is an original idea to enhance your special event.

We offer all inclusive packages for team building, children’s birthdaystag or hen party.

If you want to book a Bubble Football (zorb soccer) match, check the venues where you can play in Milan and fill the booking form providing us the preferred date and time.

We will check the availability and let you know as soon as possible.

You can pay your Bubble Soccer match by cash directly to our staff or perform a bank transfer before the match.

You can play in several venues and locations in Milan both outdoor and indoor. All our sports centers offer locker rooms with showers and a dedicated area for celebrating your birthday or your event.

If your favorite sports center is not listed, don’t worry and just tell us! It is possible to organize a match also there. Bubble Football can reach you everywhere.


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